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Skútuvogur 13A - 104 Reykjavik - Iceland

Our headquarters are located at Skútuvogur 13A in Reykjavik. There we have our offices, meeting and theoretical training facilities.

CAE ICELANDAIR Flight Training

Flugvellir 1 - 221 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland

Our main FFS provider, CAE ICELANDAIR Flight Training, runs one of Europe's finest Training Centers with access to 3 state of the art Level-D UPRT approved Full Flight Simulators which include B737 -8 (MAX), B757-200 (FPDS) and B767-300ER (FPDS). briefing facilities, on site cabin, door and fire trainers for SEP training.

Other Training Locations

To reduce costs related to accommodation, travel expenses as well as training time we offer various training locations. This allows our customers to adapt their training needs and make the training as efficient and beneficial as possible.

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