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ATO Approval
Icelandic Aviation Training - IS.ATO.012
FSTD Approvals

The below full flight simulators are approved for our training courses. As our ATO will gain momentum we anticipate to add more simulators to our list of approved training devices. If your training requirements require a specifically located training device we can easily look into adding that device to our list of approved FSTDs.

B737 -8 (MAX) - Reykjavik, Iceland (EU-A186)
B737-300 - Berlin, Germany (DE-1A-035)
B737-300 - Paris, France (FR-154)
B757-200W - Iceland - EU-A0066  (Reykjavik - Iceland)
B767-300ER - Iceland - EU-A0187  (Reykjavik - Iceland)
Twin Otter DHC-6 - Canada - EU-CH126/CU (Toronto - Canada)
King Air B200 - UK - EU-UKFS367 (Farnborough - UK)
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